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Potential Violations of Relocation and Corporate Lodging Policies

February 22, 2017  |  Other Audit Correspondence

In response to a May 2016 OIG investigation on an employee’s use of Amtrak’s (the company’s) benefits for relocation and corporate lodging, we conducted additional analysis examining company practices in this area.

Under the company’s relocation program, current and new management employees can receive lump-sum relocation payments for assuming new positions within the company. Employees are eligible for relocation payments when the distance between their permanent residence and new work location is at least 50 miles farther than the distance between their permanent residence and former work location. The employee must complete the relocation within one year following the start of work in the new location. The payments are intended to cover (1) temporary living expenses, including meals and lodging; (2) the expenses associated with “home-finding trips” during an employee’s relocation of residences for the new position; and (3) the employee’s (and family’s) expenses for the physical move to the new residence. Amtrak has outsourced the administration of this program, including making relocation payments, to a relocation service company.

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