Theft-March 25, 2009

On August 27, 2008, the RA and Senior Special Agent [REDACTED] received from [REDACTED] Union Station, Washington, D.C. an open box she recovered from the baggage area on the lower level of the station. Contained in the box, which had been sitting on a wooden skid in the baggage area, were numerous books of conductor tickets.

Counterfeit Amtrak Coupons

The Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office of Investigations (OI) received an allegation concerning the counterfeiting of Amtrak Guest Reward (AGR) coupons. The complaint allages that the counterfeit AGR coupons were being sold on eBay and then were redeemed for Amtrak travel.

LSA Theft-April 24, 2009

During Lead Service Attendant ("LSA") packet reviews by the Office of Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI"), it was determined that packets belonging to [REDACTED], former LSA, had contained under reported sales amounts. The packets had been processed by the Train Provision Management System ("TPMS") Clerks who had previously been implicated in activities designed to retain Amtrak funds for personal gain.

Waste Mismanagement

The Office of Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI"), received information that [REDACTED] Manager OBS, allegedly requested that the Crew Management Services ("CMS") assign [REDACTED] Service Attendant ("SA"), to work an SA job on train no. 30 that runs from Chicago ("CHI") to Washington, D.C. ("WAS"), without properly submitting a Service Request.

Possible Theft of Scrap Metal

OI received information from Deputy Chief [REDACTED] Amtrak Police Department ("APD"), regarding an anonymous telephone report from an alleged employee of [REDACTED]. The caller alleged that Amtrak employees were bringing large amounts of copper wire and brass fittings in duffle bags, work bags and tool bags to [REDACTED] and to another local subsidiary of [REDACTED] located at [REDACTED] and receiving $500.00 to $1,000.00 dollars per day.

Pay Rate Investigation

I have requested (Pro-Active) research be conducted into the various rate differentials paid to employees at Wilmington Shops, Chicago Yard, Beech Grove Yard, Sunnyside Yard, LAX, and Bear, De. So far it appears that a large number of employees may have been receiving rate differentials at Wilmington Shops when they were not supposed to receiving them.