LSA Theft-January 8, 2009

During Lead Service Attendant ("LSA") packet reviews by the Office of Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI"), it was determined that packets belonging to [REDACTED] former LSA, had contained under reported sales amounts. The packets had been processed by Train Provision Management System ("TPMS") Clerks who had previously been implicated in activities designed to retain Amtrak funds for personal gain.

False Claims

The Office of Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI") received information alleging that [REDACTED] may have submitted fraudulent medical documentation to Amtrak in support of her November 12, 2006 on-the-job injury.

Charge Backs

On November 6, 2007, OI received a request from [REDACTED] Amtrak OIG-[REDACTED] requesting that OI assist in an inquiry regarding several charge-backs to Salinas Station where several deposits had either not been made, or deposts were short of the actual cash sales reported.

Conflict of Interest-January 6, 2009

Amtrak Senior Director Procurement, [REDACTED] discovered the following while reviewing consultant and independent contractor spending. [REDACTED] has been a consultant to Amtrak for at least 3 years, most recently to the Engineering Department in Philadelphia. The Amtrak Committee which reviews consultants and independent contractors questioned her necessity back in September of 2003.

Misuse of Computer Password

The Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office of Investigations (OI) received an allegation concering the theft of Amtrak materials through alleged computer manipulation by employees at the [REDACTED]. The complaint alleges that a [REDACTED] employee named [REDACTED] has ordered parts under a manager's access code on the computer.

Misuse of Sick Leave

On August 1, 2008, Office of the Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI"), Agents received information from an anonymous source that [REDACTED] had been allowing [REDACTED] to use his sick time for an unauthorized purpose.

Unauthorized Use of Proprietary Information

The Office of Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI") received information alleging that while employed as a consultant for the City of [REDACTED] former Amtrak Engineering Employee [REDACTED] provided numerous Amtrak documents and information to a station designer hired by [REDACTED]. These documents included: Internal Engineering practices, template designs from the Standards Book, various photographs of Amtrak stations, Amtrak Procurement Requisitions for other station projects, etc. Many of these documents reflected the Amtrak logo.