MAJOR PROGRAMS: Americans with Disabilities Act Program Progressing, but Faces Some Challenges to Meeting Completion Goals

September 14, 2023 |  Audit Reports

Our objective was to provide the status of the company’s progress toward achieving compliance with the ADA and identify any challenges that could delay progress. We found that the company continues to make progress on its ADA program. Since our September 2021 ADA report, the company implemented our recommendations around effectively planning and coordinating its ADA efforts, which has helped improve its progress. In particular, the company has increased program staff, which improved its pace bringing stations into compliance.


The company continues to face challenges, however, in meeting its target completion date for bringing stations into ADA compliance. For example, bringing the remaining stations into compliance by fiscal year 2029 will require Amtrak to more than double its current pace. In addition, greatest challenge the company faces is that of coordinating with third parties such as other station owners, host railroads, and historic preservation offices.


Because the company already implemented our prior recommendations, and is actively attempting to mitigate current challenges, we are not making any new recommendations in this report.

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