Safety and Security: The Company Can More Effectively Use Injury Claims Data to Help Reduce Risks

February 25, 2021 |  Audit Reports

Our objective for this report was to assess the extent to which the company is incorporating its injury claims financial data into its Safety Management System (SMS).


We found that the company’s Safety and Operations departments currently use injury and accident reports to identify the most frequent incidents in their efforts to assess and manage safety risks and inform the SMS. These departments have not, however, had regular access to company data on employee and passenger injury claims, including settlement data, which resides with the company’s claims group. Our work determined these data could allow the Safety and Operations departments to better identify additional risks and mitigation strategies and, in turn, help improve safety outcomes and minimize the impact of safety incidents on the company.


We recommended that the company develop a policy and process to regularly share legally appropriate injury claims data internally and use these data to help identify and mitigate safety risks as part of its risk management process.

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