SAFETY AND SECURITY: Longstanding Physical Security Vulnerabilities in Philadelphia Pose Risks

April 24, 2018 |  Audit Reports

What We Looked At

Our audit objective was to assess the company’s efforts to enhance the physical security of 30th Street Station and Penn Coach Yard.

What We Found

We identified several longstanding security weaknesses in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station and Penn Coach Yard that have remained unaddressed. These include the inability to secure the station’s exterior and interior station doors, poor controls over badging, inadequate fencing and gates, a lack of parking enforcement in the yard, and nonoperational video surveillance cameras.

Our Recommendations

We recommended the company develop a comprehensive plan documenting how security weaknesses will be mitigated -- including establishing roles, accountability mechanisms, and performance measures throughout implementation -- and use business cases to help establish relative funding priorities for security improvements.

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