Train Operations: Opportunities Exist to Better Use Data to Improve the Customer Experience

April 18, 2024 |  Audit Reports

Providing consistent, high‐quality customer service has been a longstanding strategic priority for Amtrak (the company). To that end, the company uses customer satisfaction surveys and other tools to collect data to help identify issues, inform business decisions, and ultimately improve the customer experience.


Our objective was to assess how the company uses the data it collects to improve the customer experience. To address our objective and assess the company’s use of these data, we collected and analyzed its outbound communications to customers;  late train reports; call center data, including hold times; and reports documenting inbound communications from customers. We also interviewed company executives about customer service goals and initiatives, as well as key officials responsible for providing customer service, including those in charge of call centers and those responsible for analyzing customer feedback from surveys. We reviewed commonly accepted management standards for organizations, including standard practices in the call center industry. Additionally, we interviewed management officials who oversee employees providing front‐facing customer service, such as onboard and station staff.

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