Engagement Memo—Audit of the Company’s Downsizing of its Management Workforce

October 22, 2020 |  Engagement Memos

We are initiating an audit to assess the company’s strategy for downsizing its management workforce. Our objective will be to assess the effectiveness of the company’s efforts to ensure it has the skilled management workforce it needs to recover from and rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic. We may modify our scope or objective during the audit.


Throughout our audit, we plan to interview company officials responsible for and affected by the downsizing effort, analyze company documents and data, and assess company policies. As we start this audit, please know that we are acutely aware of and sensitive to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the company’s business operations and its employees. We will work to minimize disruptions to the company by conducting our outreach with the company as efficiently as possible and coordinating meetings with staff in advance. Given the current operating environment, we also leave it to your discretion to determine who you would like to participate in an entrance conference so as to minimize disruptions to the executive leadership team and expedite our information gathering and request for company interviews and documents.

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