Engagement Memo—Long‐Distance Fleet Replacement Program

October 11, 2023 |  Engagement Memos

We are initiating an audit of Amtrak’s (the company) Long‐Distance Fleet Replacement program. This multibillion‐dollar procurement to replace approximately 800 railcars (over 40 percent of the passenger car fleet) will be among the largest in the company’s history. The company plans to fund this procurement with grant funds available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.


Our objective will be to assess the company’s early management and oversight of this program. We intend to assess the company’s development of a program management framework for the initiation and planning stages to ensure it is positioning itself for long‐term success. Our work will include interviewing company officials, reviewing available documentation, attending status meetings, and performing site visits. We may expand our scope or modify our objective during the audit. We will work to minimize disruptions to the company by coordinating meetings with staff in advance.

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