Engagement Memo: Survey of Capabilities, Capacity, and Training of Contracting Agents and Contracting Official’s Technical Representatives

April 12, 2012 |  Engagement Memos

The Amtrak FY2012–2016 Five-Year Financial Plan outlines the company’s strategy for investing in infrastructure and fleet acquisitions to maintain a “state of good repair.” To meet Amtrak’s procurement demands, the Procurement and Materials Management Department must have acquisition and contracting workforce planning and training programs. Therefore, the Office of Inspector General is initiating a survey of Amtrak Procurement and Materials Management’s identification and development of the skills of contracting agents and contracting officials’ technical representatives. The primary objectives of the survey will be to assess the adequacy of Amtrak’s workforce planning program to develop the capabilities and capacity of its personnel responsible for acquisitions and contracts, and training and qualifications requirements for acquisition and contract management personnel.

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