Engagement Memo—Survey of Engineering Contract Development and Management

December 21, 2021 |  Engagement Memos

We are initiating a survey of the company’s development and management of construction contracts in the Engineering department. With the recent passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and pending influx of federal funds, the company plans to increase its use of contractors to help address its backlog of State of Good Repair needs and large-scale infrastructure projects. Our objective will be to survey the company’s practices for developing and managing construction contracts in the Engineering department.


We plan to interview company officials from the Engineering and Procurement departments, as well as review relevant company databases, and documents related to contract development and management. We will work to minimize disruptions to the company by coordinating meetings with staff in advance. Throughout our survey, we will keep you advised of the status of our work and any material changes in our objective, should they occur. Additionally, we may report on the survey results during our review.

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