November 29, 2016 |  Investigative Summaries

We initiated an investigation into allegations that five Amtrak employees working in the Mechanical and Systems Safety Departments violated Amtrak’s Ethics Policy by improperly accepting gifts from a vendor doing business with the company, including accepting all–expenses-paid trips to attend the vendor’s annual trade show and convention. During this timeframe, the employees were also directly involved in procuring products from this vendor.

Our investigation revealed that, for two years, the vendor paid the employees’ airfare, hotel, and meal expenses. The vendor also paid the employees’ hotel and meal expenses for a third year. Further, all five of the Amtrak employees failed to disclose these gifts on their respective Certificates of Compliance. As a result, three of the employees were suspended for 30 days, one opted to retire in lieu of termination, and one was issued a letter of reprimand.

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