January 22, 2020 |  Annual Plans

This plan provides a road map for accomplishing our mission to conduct independent, objective audits to improve Amtrak’s (the company) economy, efficiency, and effectiveness, while preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse.


Throughout 2020, we will continue to focus on high-risk and high-impact issues relating to the company’s programs and operations. These include assessments of once-in-a-generation programs such as the Gateway program to double rail capacity between New York and New Jersey, the IT systems on the company’s new Acela trainsets (part of the largest single investment in the company’s 49-year history), and the replacement of the company’s Amfleet equipment. It also includes safety-related audits involving the company’s positive train control system (an automated safety system to prevent collisions and derailments) and the Safety Management System—the company’s new safety program.


In developing this plan, we used a disciplined, risk-based process to select and prioritize our work. This included our assessment of the company’s top management and performance challenges, congressional interests, the results of our prior work, and risks identified by company officials. We then used this information to inform discussions with company executives about audits that could help the company achieve its mission and advance our statutory responsibilities.


As the year unfolds, we may adjust this plan to ensure that we continually direct resources to the areas with the highest risks and impacts.

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