February 03, 2022 |  Annual Plans

In developing our Annual Audit Plan for calendar year 2022, we considered input from a variety of key stakeholders and other sources, and prioritized our work based on high-risk and high-impact issues.


With Amtrak preparing for the largest federal investment in its history under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), we plan to start a series of audits to assess how the company intends to manage and safeguard its new funding. For example, we will evaluate the company’s ability to plan and set priorities for its many competing capital needs, assess its ability to accurately track project costs, and oversee its controls for complying with key IIJA grant requirements.


In addition to assessing the company’s use of IIJA funds, throughout 2022 we will continue to focus on other high-risk and high-impact issues. These include assessing the company’s ability to rapidly expand its workforce and evaluating its processes for ensuring safety at rail crossings.


Throughout the year, we may adjust our work as new challenges arise or priorities change to ensure we are covering the most relevant and timely issues.

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