Top Management and Performance Challenges - Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020

September 28, 2018 |  Management Challenges

This report identifies our views of the top management and performance challenges facing Amtrak (the company). Many other inspectors general are legislatively required to produce similar reports focusing on high-risk or high-impact activities and performance issues that affect programs, operations, and the achievement of strategic goals. Those reports have shown that periodically identifying and reporting these challenges to management and other decision-makers can help improve organizational performance. Although we are not legislatively required to report on top management and performance challenges, we do so with the intent of providing similar benefits.

In deciding whether to identify an issue as a top management and performance challenge, we considered its significance in relation to the company’s mission and strategic goals; its susceptibility to fraud, waste, and abuse; whether the underlying causes are systemic in nature; and the company’s progress in addressing the challenge. We discussed the challenges we identified with company executives and senior managers to obtain their insights and reviewed industry, government, and legal documents to gain additional perspectives. We also solicited and considered comments from company executives in finalizing this report.

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