Observations and Opportunities to Detect and Reduce FMLA Abuse and Improve Efficiencies in the Program

October 20, 2020 |  Other

This report presents our observations from recent and ongoing administrative and criminal investigations involving fraud, waste, and abuse in the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) program at Amtrak (the company) and our analysis of the company’s FMLA data. Our investigations identified certain patterns of abuse by employees, and our analysis of the company’s FMLA data indicates that certain locations (stations, crew bases, and other facilities) may be at greater risk for FMLA abuse. We also identified issues within the company’s administration of FMLA leave that may have contributed to the abuses we identified. Accordingly, the observations in this report could help the company review its controls over FMLA leave and strengthen its oversight of the FMLA program.

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