Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 13-17

May 12, 2013 |  Strategic Plan

This Plan represents a revision to our Strategic Plan for FY 2010-2014, issued in early 2010. Our intent in revising the Plan was to articulate our vision in the context of our overarching goal to operate as a model Office of Inspector General and to establish goals, strategies, and performance indicators to achieve the vision and assess our progress. The Plan supports Amtrak’s Strategic Plan (FY 2011-2015), particularly its goal of attaining a standard of organizational excellence.

The five strategic goals that we have established to help us achieve our vision of operating as a model Office of Inspector General are:

Add value by producing objective, accurate, relevant, timely, substantive, sophisticated products that have impact.

Consistently follow efficient, disciplined processes for audits, inspections and evaluations, and investigations that meet the standards of the accountability community and are periodically refined and improved.

Employ a highly qualified, motivated, and diverse workforce.

Communicate openly and work professionally with, but independently from, Amtrak management.

Create and maintain effective mission-support systems.

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