Report an allegation of Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

Report Options

Before you begin, it is important to understand the different complaint types you can choose from. Open the accordion tabs below for more information on each complaint type.

Standard Complaint

I am providing the OIG my name and I agree that the Amtrak OIG can disclose my name and other information I provide, if necessary, in order to ensure my issues are addressed.

Confidential Complaint

I wish to my complaint to be confidential, meaning I am providing the OIG my name and contact information, but I request that the OIG not disclose my name outside the OIG. This category is appropriate for complainants who fear reprisal from Amtrak or other alleged wrongdoers for contacting the OIG.

Anonymous Complaint

I wish my complaint to remain anonymous, meaning the OIG will not know my name. If I make this selection, the OIG will not be able to contact me, the OIG may not have enough information to pursue my concern.