Engagement Memo—Audit of Contracting Oversight

November 02, 2017 |  Engagement Memos

We are initiating an audit of the company’s post‐award, contract oversight efforts. Our objective is to assess the effectiveness of the company’s policies and practices for overseeing contractor performance from contract award to completion, and to identify possible areas for improvement. This audit is a follow‐on to our work assessing company efforts to mitigate risks in key contract terms and conditions (project 009‐2017).

During the audit we plan to interview company officials and review documents related to contract oversight to obtain an understanding of the company’s contract oversight policies, procedures, processes, training, and resources. We also plan to survey Contract Administrators and Contract Officer’s Technical Representatives. Our request for documents will be made as our work progresses. We will work to minimize the impact of the audit by coordinating any interviews or surveys in advance.

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