Improper Travel Expenses

The Office of Inspector General ("OIG"), Office of Investigations ("OI") received information alleging that Amtrak paid food and lodging expenses for teh Chicago, Illinois ("CHI") based employees attending Train Director ("TD") training classes classes in CHI from July 21, 2008 through September 19, 2008. Allegedly, Amtrak paid $58,000 in food and lodging expenses for these employees, even though the employees resided in the CHI area."


The Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations (OIG-OI) received an allegation from an anonymous source that a [REDACTED] had received a motorcycle from an asbestos abatement contractor. The allegation was substantiated.


Management responded in a timely fashion to OI's referral of March 3, 2009, and acted affirmatively on all the recommendations referenced in said referral. According to said response, a total of $4900 will be collected from the owners of Private Cars [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Additionally, management audited all Private Car accounts, and as a result of said audit corrected billing worksheets were completed and sent to the Amtrak Finance Department in Chicago for colletion.

Theft-February 25, 2009

The Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office of Investigations (OI) received an allegation from Amtrak Radio Maintenance [REDACTED] concerning the unauthorized use of Amtrak's Motorola sales account number [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] reported that Amtrak Train Engineer [REDACTED] used the Amtrak account to obtain radio software for an Astro 25 radio, which is not an Amtrak assigned radio.


On June 11, 2008, the OIG-OI conducted an investigation to determine if the Amtrak station in Albany, NY, had been out of compliance with Amtrak's Station Service Accounting procedures. As a result of several interviews with Amtrak employees, it determined that there were deficiencies which contributed to the loss of revenue and unauthorized number of duplexes issued to Conductors.