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February 08, 2019 |  Audits Press Release

Amtrak has opportunities to improve private railcar management, business practices

WASHINGTON –Amtrak’s Office of Inspector General found longstanding management weaknesses in the company’s transport program for privately-owned… Read more
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November 13, 2018 |  Audits Press Release

Amtrak OIG finds cost reduction opportunities in Amtrak’s service and inspection activities

WASHINGTON –Amtrak has opportunities to reduce the cost of performing service and inspection activities by adjusting workloads, staffing, and better… Read more
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November 06, 2018 |  Audits Press Release

Amtrak OIG finds inefficiencies in employee background check processes

WASHINGTON –Amtrak has improved its background check process for new hires, but still faces challenges with oversight and implementation, according… Read more
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July 26, 2018 |  Audits Press Release

Amtrak OIG finds Union Station projects face risks of delays, cost overruns

WASHINGTON – Union Station’s nine ongoing improvement projects face risks of delays and cost overruns due to weaknesses in their scheduling, cost… Read more
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 |  Audits Press Release

Better requirements could help avoid cost overruns, schedule slips on Amtrak’s IT projects

For Immediate Release March 15, 2022   WASHINGTON – Amtrak has implemented a process to more effectively identify its business departments’… Read more
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