Union Pacific Railroad Diesel Fuel and Fuel Handling June 1995 through December 1999

The objectives of this review were to determine whether the monthly billings for diesel fuel and fuel handling items submitted by the UP were accurate, valid, reasonable, and in compliance with the operating agreement and contract amendments between Amtrak and the UP. The audit covered the period from June I, 1995 through December 31, 1999.

Route128 Station Audit

The Office of Inspector General has completed a review of the Route 128 Station Ticket Office. Our objectives were to: (i) determine compliance with daily station accounting procedures;
(ii) verify assigned working funds, ticket stock and other assets; (iii) evaluate safeguards over these assets; and (iv) appraise the efficiency of station operations.

AmPlan Eligibility Review

Our objectives were to determine whether only eligible dependents of Amtrak employees are receiving health and welfare benefits and if adequate internal controls are in place to ensure accuracy and to detect and prevent unnecessary expenditures by Amtrak for ineligible dependents.