Engagement Memos

April 12, 2013 |  Engagement Memos

Audit Engagement Memo: Amtrak's Implementation of the 2008 Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act

This is to inform you, we are starting an audit to assess Amtrak's progress in implementing the 2008 Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement… Read more
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March 08, 2013 |  Engagement Memos

Controls over the Disposition of Equipment Purchased with ARRA Funds

The Office of Inspector General is initiating an audit of equipment purchased under ARRA contracts. The objective of this audit is to assess the… Read more
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October 12, 2012 |  Engagement Memos

Food and Beverage Service Best Practices

In August 2012 the Inspector General testified before the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, House of Representatives, about plans for… Read more
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October 04, 2012 |  Engagement Memos

Change Orders on ARRA Projects

Amtrak received $1.3 billion under the American RecovelY and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) for infrastructure and security improvements. There was… Read more
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June 27, 2012 |  Engagement Memos

Audit Engagement Memo: Amtrak Capital Program Management

The OIG is initiating an audit of Amtrak's processes for managing its capital programs. The objective of this audit is to determine the adequacy… Read more
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June 14, 2012 |  Engagement Memos

Data Analytics - Engagement Memo

This is to inform you that our office is initiating an audit and investigation project to assess the effectiveness of controls in Amtrak's… Read more
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April 12, 2012 |  Engagement Memos

Engagement Memo: Survey of Capabilities, Capacity, and Training of Contracting Agents and Contracting Official’s Technical Representatives

The Amtrak FY2012–2016 Five-Year Financial Plan outlines the company’s strategy for investing in infrastructure and fleet acquisitions to maintain a… Read more
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